What is an Umbrella Company
When you are working for an agency, you may be given
the choice to be paid either directly by them or be given
an enhanced rate, which is the rate that an agency would pay to Global Pay Solutions. This higher rate includes a number of costs associated with your engagement, such as holiday pay. If you choose to be paid through Global Pay Solutions, we will make the appropriate deductions from the agency income received and calculate your pay for you. The deductions we make include our national insurance contributions, tax and our fee.
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How do umbrella companies work?

Umbrella companies work by employing temporary workers on the same basis as any other business employs staff, with all of their income going through the PAYE system. This means that as an employee you would be provided with a Contract of Employment, ensuring full employment rights and statutory benefits.

At the start of your employment it is agreed that you will have a series of assignments at different locations, and on this basis you should be able to benefit from any travelling and subsistence costs associated with carrying out work at your temporary workplace.

What are the benefits of working for an Umbrella Company?
Employees of Global Pay Solutions enjoy the advantage of being able to offset certain legitimate business expenses to reduce their tax and national insurance.

At Global Pay Solutions we take our responsibilities
very seriously so our expenses team is tightly managed to ensure that all of our contractors and subcontractors remain compliant.

For ease and clarity, our expenses policy clearly outlines what is considered an allowable business expense; “Expenses must be incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of your duties”.


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